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An unnerving

 peek inside our 

non-sensical  education system

Author TL Zempel

How we've turned our schools into a chaotic mess


Finishing School:

the novel that's actually non-fiction

     In 2014, I began to write a book, intended at first to be an expose on the back-stage doings in public education, the things the public doesn't know about and might be shocked to learn.  At that point, we teachers had become inundated with so many non-teaching requirements in our daily jobs that we had become almost numbed to the effect they were having on us. 

     Every time I sat in a faculty meeting and listened to the new edict issued from on high, I thought, "This is ridiculous.  No one can actually do all these extra things and still teach.  Who do the higher-ups think they're kidding?  And why do we all just sit here, listening and nodding our heads even while knowing that we're 1) being tasked to do the impossible;  and 2) implicitly encouraged to engage in fraud and subterfuge?"

      The result is my first book book, Finishing School, inspired by real events in my career.

Coming soon: my new book,
Chaos in  Our Schools

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What's the deal with public education?

  • the hypocrisy of class sizes that are incompatible with collaborative learning;

  • teacher evaluation schemes that are touted as 'performance-based' but are actually more about subterfuge and stroking egos;

  • students who skate by because the idea of placing expectations on them has become 'passe;

  • public policies and laws that reward scalping the system;

  • principals who have so much power they can sink a teacher's career with little to no verified evidence for doing so.

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