Morning Moments on Twitter

From the silly to the sublime, here are some

past Twitter Moments

Upspeak: Annoying!
Author TL Zempel shares a logic puzzle about how to tell which of 3 bags contains phony gold instead of the real thing.
Baby Elephants and Mastiff Puppies
Kim Kardashian and Sunglasses
TL Zempel talks about the trend of using the phrase Fun Fact to discuss anything in casual conversation.
Fun Facts: Not that Fun
Why doesn't everyone use turn signals to signal their intent?  So annoying!
Gold vs. Phony Gold
Little Dog Owners
What's in a name?  Sometimes, just a funny connection, as in Tim Berline.
What's in a Name?
Keep Right Except to Pass
Euphemisms....those polite phrases we use to disguise the harsher reality.
Euphemisms...we need them, right?
Silverware & the Diswasher
T.L. Zempel, teacher and author

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