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How to turn a prototype into a best seller

The Education Story

In 2014, I began to write a book, intended at first to be an expose on the back-stage doings in public education, the things the public doesn't know about and might be shocked to learn.  At that point, we teachers had become inundated with so many non-teaching requirements in our daily jobs that we had become almost numbed to the effect they were having on us.  Every time I sat in a faculty meeting and listened to the new edict issued from on high, I thought, "This is ridiculous.  No one can actually do all these extra things and still teach.  Who do the higher-ups think they're kidding?  And why do we all just sit here, listening and nodding our heads even while knowing that we're 1) being tasked to do the impossible;  and 2) implicitly encouraged to engage in fraud and subterfuge?"

The result is the book I now share via this website, one that is actually still a prototype, and has become more of a satirical commentary on our public education system.

The bottom line is that my book is not finished;  it is in need of a partner to make the most of its comedy.  If you have graphic art skills and want to be that person, explore my website to its fullest.  Then contact me, and let's get this done.

So what's the book about?

  • the hypocrisy of class sizes that are incompatible with collaborative learning;

  • teacher evaluation schemes that are touted as 'performance-based' but are actually more about subterfuge and stroking egos;

  • students who skate by because the idea of placing expectations on them has become 'passe;

  • public policies and laws that reward scalping the system;

  • principals who have so much power they can sink a teacher's career with little to no actual evidence for doing so.

The Plan
The Book
Create all characters in comic form. 
Incorporate comic strip panels throughout the story. 
Revise and edit; make it two books to stretch out the fun.
The Website
Make Wendy's online magazine ( a must-read, based on Wendy's personality and hobbies from the book:
  • daily word puzzles
  • radio-style music track of Wendy's favorite artist and genres
  • animated vignettes both from the book and inspired by ludicrous happenings in education
  • Wendy's blog
  • guest contributions
  • interviews with noteworthy people
  • online store for Wendy merchandise (calendars, mugs, pen/pencil sets, aprons, refrigerator magnets, teaching supplies, t-shirts, ...)
Wendy's Follow-up Book
After she is railroaded from education, Wendy engages in her other passion, writing.  She produces a book of short stories, one of which appears on this site as a preview (The Dance).  She also keeps up her website, which she ostensibly created in the first segment of Finishing School.
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