Wendy-isms:  memorable utterances by our hero,

Wendy Taylor

from the book Finishing School

On Faculty Meetings:

"Death-by-meeting is something we all suffer from in our jobs...I’ve never met a meeting that couldn’t have been born as an email instead."

On Playing the Game:

"Really?  You really don’t think  teachers say what their bosses want to hear just so they can get a good evaluation?

Now who's being naive?"

On Professional Development:

   "This is why I don’t volunteer answers during teacher training.  You always get follow-up grilling to anything you say. And if I wanted that, I would have entered life as a cheese sandwich."

On Tracking Supposed Growth in Students:

“I think it’s a dangerous game we’re playing, and sooner or later, someone is going to
ask why we’re doing
what we’re doing.”

On the New Teacher's Fresh-faced Take on Bureaucracy:

“You go on believing in the system, Mitzi. If anything, your optimism might help
all of us when we’re starting to get down this year.”

On Hearing Gary Morris' Voice for the First Time:

"I’m trying to decide if

our new assistant principal

sounds more like

Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie

or Gilbert Gottfried in…


"It’s people making laws about education without knowing what it’s actually like in a classroom.  It would be like us trying to enact tort reform.”

On Wendy's Colleague Complaining about the Map Directions Provided by Google:

On her Students Arguing About Following Instructions:

"Look.  Just follow the directions I give and stop trying to

add your own!"

"You do know that's not an actual 'girl' in your phone, right?"
"Rowdiness?  Nothing beats a
room of teachers
reminiscing about their summer."

On the First Faculty Meeting after the Summer Break:

On her Assistant Principal's Apparent Mission to End Wendy's Teaching Career:

"After Morris is successful at getting rid of me, I think I'll go out and adopt a puppy to train with my free time."

On the New Pay-for Performance Teacher Evaluations:

T.L. Zempel, teacher and author

copyright 2020 by TL Zempel